MMA Betting

mma betting

MMA betting is a fun way to place wagers on mixed martial arts matches. There are a variety of betting options available including moneyline, Over/Under and parlay bets.

When it comes to MMA betting, the key is understanding how each fighter’s strengths and weaknesses compare with those of their opponent. This will help you predict their path to victory and ultimately make better bets.

Over/Under bets

Over/Under bets are a popular way to wager on an MMA fight. They are similar to totals in other sports, but instead of a score, you bet on the number of rounds.

In MMA, the most common over/under bet is on 2.5 rounds. This is the standard for standard UFC fights, but it’s also used for main events and championship fights.

The oddsmakers set this number based on how long each round lasts. Unlike boxing, which has five-minute rounds, MMA matches are typically three or five minutes long.

Betting on the number of rounds in a match can be a risky investment, but it can pay out if the fight ends before the round number. For example, if the UFC’s Nurmagomedov and McGregor fight goes over 2.5 rounds, you win $120 for every $100 you bet.

Moneyline bets

Moneyline bets are the simplest type of risk-free bets in MMA betting. They’re also one of the most popular. They’re similar to the bets in football and basketball, with odds given for each side of a matchup.

The odds on moneyline bets are based on the probability that one team will win over the other. The higher the number, the better the odds for a victory.

Another type of bet unique to MMA fights is method-of-victory bets. These are bets on how a fighter will win, typically by knockout (KO), submission, or judge decision (score).

This type of bet is fun and easy to place and offers high payout odds. It’s not as profitable as a moneyline bet, however, so it’s important to place it wisely. It’s also worth shopping around for the best price.

Parlay bets

Parlays in MMA betting are a great way to increase your potential payouts and minimize the risk of betting on heavy favorites. This type of betting can be especially attractive in MMA, where it’s common to see favorites assigned odds of -550 or more.

One reason that this type of wager is so attractive is that it combines multiple individual bets into one. This can make the total potential payout much higher than if you placed separate bets.

Another way to increase your profit with a parlay bet is to combine a heavy favorite with an underdog. This can help to balance the risk and reward of a bet, which is important in any sport.

Despite this, parlays in MMA can be risky because you need to be right on all of your selections. However, they can also be very profitable, as long as you’re able to pick the right fighters. In addition, MMA betting often includes method-of-victory wagers, which allow you to choose how a fight will end.

Round betting

Round betting is one of the most popular ways to bet on MMA fights. It is a great way to add more value to your wagers and build up your bankroll.

Whether you are a first-time bettor or an experienced pro, round betting can be profitable and fun. It can also help you understand the matchups better and make more informed decisions.

Round betting is available on a variety of different MMA fights, including championship matches and main event bouts. It involves placing a wager on how many rounds a fight will last or whether it will end in a knockout (KO), technical knockout (TKO), submission, or judge decision.